A note from Will

Hi, I'm Will.... Well no, not the person in the picture, she's a beautiful model. I'm the person who owns and operates this site. I'm pretty much a 1 man operation. I'm the artist (97% of the designs are my own creations, and only 1 design wasn't birthed from my imagination), the web developer, the social media manager, and I'm the photographer for at least half of the photography for the brand.

Although I'm a one man team, I obsess over ensuring that everything associated with my brand is high quality, especially the products. Every product is printed upon order and drop shipped via trustworthy factories from around the country (2 are located in Poland and the UK, respectively). So, I'm able to ensure the same high-quality production as much, much larger companies.

Feel free to reach out to me via the contact form, at any time with any concern.

- Will

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